That’s bipolar for you. It’s like tequila, it tells you to do something really fantastic but when you wake up you realize that it was a bad, bad idea.

So, what’s up? Long time to talkie. Honestly, I’m not sorry for it, but I am sorry I can’t be like those cool bloggers who always have good ideas. I guess my problem is a lot more personal, but let’s start back in February, when a lot of stuff happened to me…


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12 Days of Festive Winter Nails 2015: Snow Kiss

I live in Florida. We don’t get much snow down here, if any flurries at all. However, I’m always captivated by the snow and wanted to do a nail look in honor of it. Here is my vision on a kiss of snow on the nails. It’s a very simple design, but it works well for things like the office or work parties. A bit of color and glitter to show off your festiveness, but it’s not overly blingy like some nail art can become.


Snowflakes and glitter. src: me


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